BIoT - Making IoT friendly
It's an ecosystem that connects you to devices and devices to each other.
Our task is to simplify your interaction with the surrounding equipment to one application.
What we can?
To make payments through our system you need to make only two actions: scan and confirm
Payment channels
If you need to make a lot of small payments, for example, to pay for the time of use - use payment channels. All operations in the channel are free.
Publication of data
Publish and receive any data in the Byteball network.
Device communication
You don't need to communicate with each device separately, they can do it themselves. For example, the smart lock itself will tell that you came home to all necessary devices.
Single application
Just one app to interact with all your devices!
Identification (soon)
Do you need to provide your details? For example, car rent. Just scan and confirm.
Communication with other people (soon)
Did you take the bike and have any questions? Or you just want to communicate? All this is possible in our application.
Hub Device (soon)
Special device to control your devices wherever you are, and it supports macros(one command and the house is ready for your arrival). He also acts as a hub for byteball.
Smart Relay (soon)
A device for easy control of electricity wherever you are. For example, you can control the light or find out whether you turned off the electric iron.
Project #1 — Acquisition of activity
For the first project we took a simple idea — buying something through our system, by using payment channels.
More detailed
Project #2 — Payment per use
Our second project is an idea that can be widely used in a real-life environment — payment per use.
More detailed
Project #3 — Self-sustaining 3D Printer
Self-sustaining 3D Printer project with Bosch and Dremel
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